Monday, June 8, 2015

A new Adventure

So I have been living in Italy now for almost 4 years. I've got a few harvest under my belt and have eaten and drank my way almost all over the entire country. I have not been however to the food capital Bologna but that is only because of my fear of explosion. With that said and my desire to always want to do more has found me starting up my own business where I can share with all of you my better experiences that I have had during my time here in Piedmont. What that is, is coming with me on a one day or more depending on how much time you have, journey to visit some of the most beautiful areas in Piedmont, visiting some wineries, having a lunch at the best restaurant, and seeing some of the more beautiful vistas and towns that you might miss if it was not insisted. What I am talking about Tour Piedmont LLC. Visit my site Share it with your friends and loved ones who are planning a trip here. I've got the insider scoop of best local places and some know how that can make travels a bit easier.

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